As promised, I’ll be putting up some of the projects I work on as they happen.

The most active one right now is The Studio Maz by Desina Zaid. Lets just call him Zaid here; you know #cozzzz. Zaid is a product and documentary photography whiz and he’s on some major Glow Up right now.


Take it from me when I say you’re about to experience a revolutionary change in the way promotional images of products are presented. You’ll also be seeing more of his amazing street photography and documentary which he calls #Everydaypeople. You can already see some of his work on instagram @deyshenor.

Personally, I have learnt so much about photography from Zaid. From lighting to what the dials on my camera do and much more, he’s always willing to share his knowledge of the skill. So I am exhilarated about working together with him to create and manage his brand, TheStudioMaz which is essentially his photography outfit.

The first step was coming up with the name : The Studio Maz

Say it: ‘The Studio Maz’ … THE STUDIO MAZ  … TheStudioMaz …THESTUDIOMAZ.

LoL I can’t stop saying it.

Next thing is to launch a website where you can view his works; a virtual gallery. In sha Allah, we should have that up and running by the middle of January.

And finally, before the year runs out, In sha Allah, we’d have done a makeover of TheStudioMaz (the studio space). Yes, both the outfit and space share a name #cozzzz.

I’ll put up updates on this project as we progress In sha Allah!


P.S. I used a mighty lot of In Sha Allahs in this post. It means If God Wills. It’s what I say when I really want something to happen. So you figure how much I want this …



3 thoughts on “THE STUDIO MAZ

  1. […] Here’s the fun part. Zaid was excited about the many possibilities of shooting with his newly acquired Yashica but not me! I was excited for awhole nother reason. I could already picture how these #rarefinds will be used as props in TheStudioMaz (remember our ongoing project?). […]


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