Rare Finds

Hey guys!

Today I’m meeting with someone I hope will employ me to manage her make-up brand and I’m totally gassed and nervous at the same time. It’s got me thinking how opportunities start to open up themselves once we ‘learn to begin’.

Anyhoo, that’s something for another day. Earlier this week, in the middle of all the stress, I came across two cute things. The first was a dusty rare find from a friend’s dad’s old stuff. And the second, something probably just as old that I randomly found looking pretty in a corner of a tiny shop I was in.

A 38mm Konica C35 (produced in 1967 or may 8) mounted on a tripod with a flash attached atop.

Restrospectively, I should have asked questions about it from the shop owner and sought permission to take better images.

Back to the first!  Zaid had gone home to see his folks and found these pretty old things: his dad’s old Yashica and some lenses.

“Roqeebah!!! remind me when I see you later to show you what’s in my boot” -Zaid

LoL! He won’t even clean off the dust on the poor things. IMG_20160109_025227[1]

Here’s the fun part. Zaid was excited about the many possibilities of shooting with his newly acquired Yashica but not me! I was excited for awhole nother reason. I could already picture how these #rarefinds will be used as props in TheStudioMaz (remember our ongoing project?).

The first time I came across a Yashica, it was in an almost identical situation last year. My cousin called and wouldn’t stop talking about a camera he found while thrifting. I didn’t get the point. That’s until I saw the beauty for myself.

And then I wouldn’t take my hands off it. Now, it sits pretty in a corner on a tripod in his art studio. I do suppose in Zaid’s case, there’s no reason why both ends can’t be met.

We’ll go searching for films and batteries soon and maybe consider dusting the thing LoL.

Left: the pouch that holds the lenses; Right: the Yashica in all its dusty glory.

But first imma put this ‘ponda gram. Oh! I did already!

Considering the difficult times we live in -i.e: refurbished products or those that just can’t stand any tests, exchanging old tech for newer ones and the likes of Marie Kondo and all her decluttering magic.- I hope we can manage to keep some fun things for the next generation to find.

Catch up with you guys soon.





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