7 Prussian days

Caveat : This title is a lie. #LetMeExplain

So last week one of my cousins called me to say he was travelling out of Lagos for a week and would need me to house-sit for him. “Not a problem” i said. And truly it was not. Until he started giving instructions on how to take care of Prussian.



To say that I do not like animals will be apolitical of something just as damning. But I don’t, especially furry ones that live with human beings. But since it’s a new year I don’t want to be hater of animals, I decided to try. I needed the privileges that came with the house-sitting.

My job as regards Prussian was to feed it and not and not kick it. Simple enough. Until I started catching the feels. I started to notice how fascinating this weird thing can be. The signals it gives when it’s hungry or how it prances around when it’s filled up. Also, it does something with it’s tail that I think means it likes you.

and who knew #catswinktoo ?!

Among other things, I tested the truth behind the curiosity of cats …

until it isn’t.

This cat LIKES BEING PHOTOGRAPHED. Like litderully. So I obliged it and made it my muse for all of 3 days. That’s when Cousin called and said his trip was cut short.


I had just decided that I’d photograph it everyday and do a #7DaysWithPrussian series on  my instagram when he called with the news.


But in the spirit of #doing, I have re-evaluated the situation and decided to post 7 (and some …LOL) of my favourite of all the images of Prussian I took here on the website. So yeah I lied in the title but if you think about it …who knows if 3 human days equal 14 on the feline calendar. LoL. Please enjoy the rest of the images.


Meeeowt! Laughing Happy Cat animated emoticon




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