Often times we conceive ideas in the high of what I’d call bursts of motivation. When the heady feeling leaves, we find that we have no idea how to move on from idea to realisation. I keep saying we …misery they say loves company. Truth is even if this is something we  all experience, there is a high probability that I have a peculiar situation called CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION DISORDER!

It used to be cute when I was  a student and could still get things done and properly so no matter how late I chose to start tasks. Now though, Life has no schedules or deadlines and I have realised the earlier is always the better even if the race doesn’t always go to the swift.

So whether it’s a we thing or just a peculiar thing, I am certain we’d all benefit from Beginning.Right.Here.And.Now. Whatever the obstacles and no matter how constrained for time we think ourselves, Learn to Begin. Start wherever you can. However you can. Start. Your brain will follow. Lord! I have so many ways of saying it LOL.

Start Now!


P.S: Today is my first Community Development Service meeting for my NYSC and I am stoked for no reason. I’m in the Charity group and I imagine it won’t be hardwork *fingerscrossed* but for some reason  as usual, I am running late!


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