What tomorrow may hold …

Today, I had a brief encounter with what I imagine my future may be.

In a simple act that wasn’t worthy of note to anyone, I experienced a bit of a fantasy and while I’m almost certain that premonitions aren’t certain, I believe this experience was designed to help me be a little more certain as to what I want to be doing soon.

Few nights ago, I was packing up to go home after a long day at a Studio where I’m currently the legal adviser. I was practically in charge that night. I felt like I got the most out of the day and I was feeling pumped.

Something occurred to me as I zipped my PC bag : This could be me in a few years – 10pm picking up my things as I get ready to close up my cafe for the day. Thisthought made me happier than anyone can ever imagine. Subhanallah!

It’s been my dream for so long now to own a cafe not just for my love of coffee but for the sake of having a real creative hub! Oh all the fun it will be!

I have sometimes caught myself dismissing the dream as mere fantasy but since that exprience, I have become a little bit more certain that it’s a goal I intend to achieve soon in sha Allah.


We probably all carry the weight of goals we fantasise about. Dreams that sometimes seem too big and unattainable or worse, too ‘unserious’ to be shared or worked on. Today, I pray that we find the conviction in whatever little things or big things too, required to help us decide what to do with the dreams and the resolve to take the steps we need to for their attainment.

“And Never Say of Anything: “I am going to do it tomorrow’ Unless You Add To It : “God willing” And Remember your Lord whenever you forget and say: “I hope that my Lord will Guide me to a Course even shorter than this to the right path”

Surah Ak-Kahf; verses 23-24

May Allah help us all and ease our affairs. I hope we’re all set to meet at The Essence fair this weekend at the Lekki Central Mosque.



4 thoughts on “What tomorrow may hold …

  1. And with ALLAH is guidance… some heart-pricking thoughts would never leave one till they are achieved.
    P.s I see me with my special coffee mug at the cafe…in shaa-a Llah. *wink*


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