“The sky is the limit”. “The sky is only your starting point”


These sayings are slowly becoming my pet peeve. I get it, the sky is such a wondrous thing and probably isn’t such a bad thing to aim for. It’s just that lately, I find that it does nothing for me. When I think of the sky, it’s not as a goal or something to aim for or as a destination. I think of the sky as something beautiful,  respite from the angry human faces that surround me sometimes, maybe I even catch myself looking for a silver lining (It’s hard to tell when you’re busy trying to make out the images from the clouds). I look forward to seeing stars.

Stars. That’s probably where it stems from. The sky houses the stars so we should aim for that. I suppose that’s valid. Still … Can I just be allowed to choose what I want to aim for?

Sometimes I just sound angry for no reason. It’s only a saying right?

Today, I’m gunning for an opportunity I would hate to miss. I’m scared and I feel a bit inadequate but I’m comforted by the knowledge that through anything, I’ll still have myself. And that’s always enough.

Wish me luck please!















2 thoughts on “BE LIMITLESS!

  1. I found it amusing that you “debunked” the ‘the sky is the limit’ saying while giving a nod to the ‘behind every cloud….’ which both sort of like objectify the sky. I don’t know if I’m even making sense lol.
    Nice, i enjoyed reading!

    PS: i really think the leave comment box should be after the article rather than before. 😦


    1. Yes it’s ironic that I did but then I often contradict myself lol.
      However, I don’t think that the “there is silver lining at the end of every cloud” saying objectifies the sky as the other one does. I think of it more as a metaphor for reassurance (of good things to come).
      Thanks Zainab! I’ll about the comment thing.


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