Been A Minute?

I don’t even know how to begin this. It’s been too long, I know! but I promise you that this, this right here …This Site. Is. Not. A. Fluke. I. Promise.

There are so many genuine reasons I can give you as to why I haven’t put up anything in forever but I won’t because I honestly don’t remember all of them. It was always one thing or the other and while they all seemed valid when I came up with them, they don’t now. Again, only because I don’t remember them.

There’s however one thing I know that lies at the root of it all and I bet a lot of people can relate (people is read ‘Creatives’ by the way LOL). It’s the do-too-many-all-at-once syndrome. I swear it.


I know my word of the year is to DO. As much as I want to and as much as I can. If it’s burning at the bottom of my heart and I yearn to see it done, then I’m going right ahead with! It’s great really. I mean, I have seen myself doing so many things I had only ever had reveries about this past January and February alone and I know I’m not done DOING!

The downside however is that there’s a craziness that is left in the wake of all the doing. How do I explain it? It’s like opening your browser and finding so many tabs open and though you don’t remember why or when many of them were opened in the first place, you know you can’t close them either, at least not without finding out how relevant each one is.

That’s  been the story of my life, both by way of analogy and also literally: too many tabs on in my browser! Most mornings I can’t make sense of it all and I find myself creating a to-do-list for the day from the previous day’s unfinished business. It’s been a mess. I have been a mess. But no more!

So I had the best conversation of my life a couple of weeks ago and that’s how some semblance of sanity was restored to my life. Of course, it was one of the tabs that had been open for several weeks:  DM/email correspondence with a friend who challenged me to do some ‘resource management of creative interests’ of sorts. Mentally and emotionally tasking though it was, I’m glad I was pushed in that direction. Within the past two weeks, I ave gained some really insightful perspective on my interests that I probably would have taken much longer to were it not for that conversation. Hopefully, we’d all see the results reflected here from now on *types with fingers crossed*.

That sums up my apology/rant/welcome back post. I hope I’ll never have to write one of these again.



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