Thankfully (or not), we live in times when everything is being done around us and by people who we share a lot in common with. Sometimes it’s the age bracket thing, other times, it’s the general conditions of living such that we realise that while we’ve been in a corner rolling out excuses for why we are not doing the things we love or that we’d rather be doing, these other people have put themselves out there with the very ideas that we came up with!

Horrible! Horrible, I tell you and frustrating too. The other time I got angry with the entire universe when after months of playing around the idea of customised mugs, I got on the gram to find that nearly everyone owned a quirky mug that had been customised by one or another under-30. It’s laughable really to think that I felt betrayed by the fact that what I thought was my own idea had been ‘stolen’ somehow from the corner of my brain where I had been tossing the it around.

So yeah that’s the struggle. Hopefully, the sarcasm in the previous paragraph was clear. Because to be honest, the longer you spend putting you and your ideas out there, the longer you are likely to remain without achievements and the more likely it becomes that the world starts to move past you.

Take that idea to the next level today. Do something about it no matter how many times you think it’s been done already.


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