Beautiful Experiences …

There’s a certain of type of art, I have learnt, to being tuned in to what’s going on around. And it’s amazing the results that it can bring. First though, I wouldn’t be  staying true to my melancholic self if I don’t state upfront the negative side dish that this comes with. An example is the tendency to analyse every single situation till the cynic that lies in your belly reveals itself. Take for example, you’re inching your way home around 5’0 clock from Victoria Island (yeah that dreadful place and time!) and for some reason you find yourself on the wrong lane, a few yards away from an ‘Officer Titus’ … so you push the trafficator, turn the steering wheel, even roll down and make some meaningless hand gestures to the driver  in the next lane in a frantic bid to get on the right track before the traffic light. He/She turns, sees you and sloooowwwly turns the other way while closing the gap between his/her car and the one in front of him/her. You know this situation; you’ve probably even been that other driver (I know I have!) Maybe the car behind him let’s you in before the light turns green or maybe she doesn’t and you have to drive full 360 around Adeola Odeku so you don’t get into LASTMA troubles. Being simply tuned in, the way I mean, will get you thinking for the next few minutes about that innate wickedness chilling in our hearts and that sometimes manifests itself in human encounters. It’s crazy, I tell you. Suffice to say, it’s sometimes better to be blissfully unconcerned and tuned out.

But the truth is that being tuned out and unconcerned, you’ll be missing out on so many amazing experiences.

So a few days ago, I was happy when I randomly opened my favourite book to re-read -‘Beauty. New Ways of Seeing’ by Jean Watson- and I found a passage telling how she once deliberately compiled a list of lovely experiences to be encountered in her normal everyday life. Of course,  this led me to compile a few of mine. What I realised in the coming days is that all of these experiences are so beautifully random and they are everywhere, and in almost everything. I became more likely to get carried away smiling at something that fit into my ‘beautiful experiences’ list than I was to fall into despair thinking of how annoying something was.

Below, I share a few off my list. I suggest you compile a list of yours, share them in the comments section too and watch how even dust might to turn to gold in the next few days …hopefully LOL

  • Listening to a lovely voice come on …on the radio, in a song, a bird, off random conversations ….

    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
    Cooling minds since 1904 …
  • Waking up and realising nothing needs to be done urgently …this one is Besssss!
  • Finding a “thank you so much for today, Roqeebah” message when my phone battery finally charges after a long day during which I did something for a friend.
  • Lush green leaves growing out of concrete floor …much more common than you’d expect!

    Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
    So much more common than you’d expect!
  • Pay day!
  • Slow whirring noise of equipment picking up when power is restored.
  • Sudden bursts of energy on a bad day
  • Music rendered in foreign language
  • Transit through the Lagos Marina on a breezy, traffic-free evening …all of a sudden Lagos becomes the home you know you’ll never leave!
    Processed with VSCO
    The Lagos Marina on breezy traffic-free evening!

    So there we go guys! A few things off my own list. You compile yours and watch how even dust might turn to gold in the next few days …

    Please share some things off your lists in the comments section. You could be the winner of a framed copy of that photograph of The Lagos Marina! All you have to do is be subscribed to receive THEROQEEBAHO.COM updates via your email and be the first to share something off your list of beautiful experiences! Too much? Didn’t think so!



18 thoughts on “Beautiful Experiences …

  1. Many of some kinds of your Roqeebah.
    * Sleeping and waking with totally free mind…no task.
    * listening to the voice of bollyhood…
    * if tuned to a station on radio…and coincidentally a jazz or soul is played.
    * when among my complete siblings( 80% @ least)
    * holding my white board maker or black board chalk in from of about 2-3 dozens of my kind discussing poetry ( especially Sir Walter Raleigh’s “soul errand” or John fletcher’s ” upon an honest man fortune”).
    * wondering the artful imagery of Nngozi Adichie.
    * ” I am for everybody and I am for nobody” the famous 29th May 2015.
    * If asked question(s) I don’t know, but answering it(them) anyway, then I got to realize I was in line or not wrong.
    * discussing objectively with an objective individual.


  2. ha….
    my recent love for Jumoke Adenowo…I kid you not…I was in bed on Saturday till 4pm…and then back to bed…lets just say I have watched every video in which she’s featured…even when she spoke for a minute…yes!
    Work..its a love/hate relationship. But I realize everyday that I would not trade this for Toblerone.
    Reading..over the years my genres of interest have evolved and that’s super cool..I look forward to reading the Classics without feigned interest soon.
    Makeup splurging!! Those who know know…
    Watching the Good Wife..we are on our last season..but Alicia and I would remain buddies for life..

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  3. I must confess that it hurts to realize that i couldn’t make this list as spontaneous as i thought i could. I literally had to figure (i’m still figuring! whew) out what my beautiful experiences were/are or how i have enjoyed some moments without… i digress. So i hope to come here regularly to update this list as i keep experiencing beautiful moments in this space called Earth
    The list i made from digging since 2 days back are
    1) Finding an easy to follow recipe with even easier to find ingredients! NB: I don’t make most of these meals
    2) Finding a sermon/verse that explains my most recent spiritual encounters (lack of a better expression)
    3) Getting a thumbs up for a recommendation i made! this one is some Aww moment for me…

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  4. *Waking up in the morning having to get “my” babies ready for school

    *thinking of a new style I have to sew or practice somethings I am not so good at (you know practice makes perfection)👗👗

    *some other days am out on the Lagos hustle either running errands or shopping fabrics.


  5. -Waking up with a feeling of clear head.
    -Coming across something, a write-up, a dialogue in a language I almost forgot that I started learning and I could understand what is been said; more like childhood acquired skill/memory coming handy.
    -Daring the devil and getting away with it.


  6. *Listening to people and saying less because if your mouth is opened, you are not learning.

    *visiting bookshops

    *listening to the recitation of the Qur’an

    *Reading books that explores the heart, the soul and the tongue.


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