What’s the point in holding back?

Every time you feel the need to cover yourself up from this big bad world that we live in, muster all the Olamide you’ve got in you and in one swift breath, ask yourself: “Who you Epp?” Absolutely NO ONE!

Let’s be frank, holding on to your craft, however rusty, however unconventional, or however whatever it is will never bring you joy. It certainly won’t bring you the money so let’s not even bring that to the table.

For Creatives, there’s an unquantifiable amount of joy when someone else relates on any level to your work. It’s amazing really. I’ve experienced it a few times and I can tell you: you.will.never.experience.anymore.beauty.than.the.moment.when.someone.connects.with.something.you.created.

Question then is why do we do it? Why do we hold back? I can’t speak for everyone but I know that laziness, fear and sometimes an extreme emotional attachment to your work are some of the factors in my own experience.

Whatever the reasons though, what I can say is that there is absolutely no use in hiding your work from the world. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t come with risks but the truth is that there’s only one way to find out how amazing your work is, to realise the best that your craft can bring you and to get recognised. Only one: Putting out your work. A little backlash or lack of appreciation or really, the possibility of getting backlashed or not being appreciated in light of the range of the positive outcomes, is only a little price you may have to pay.

Besides, in Teju Cole’s words (and Mr Teju only speaks gold) :

“It is important as a creative person not to give other people the right  to be disappointed in you.”

So you just go on creating and sharing because if you don’t put yourself out, there’s really no point.




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