Photos lately …

Been going through my pictures looking for some inspiration for my next Giveaway  and it’s just occurred to me how underpopulated with photographs this website is. See now, I think that’s just senseless since photography is currently one of my main income streams. As always though, nothing is ever too late.

Since there’s a pending #photoslately project on my Instagram and I’ve now started another #thestyleproject (how my brain functions …bite me!), I thought I’d just post all the photos that haven’t seen the light of public viewing here. If you find anyone you fancy, please feel free to comment with what you consider an appropriate caption, post the photo and your caption on your social media (tagging me @roqeebah and #theroqeebaho and I’ll give away framed copies of the two most popular photos at the end of May!

And here’s the best bit: I’ve come up with what I think is an even better idea for this month’s giveaway in line with the M A Y #thestyleproject. Yass Ladies! Sit tight Subscribe to be the first one in!


For those who follow my Instagram, you’ve probably already seen some of them I know. LoL!



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