There are those days that just break you. Sometimes for no reason. You set out with grand plans to conquer the world the world, one task at a time but after a short while, you get the feeling that you can’t shake off; you know you’re going to have to change the date on today’s to-do list tomorrow morning.

Other times, it’s for reasons you can point to. Somebody forgot about plans you had made and that just screws with everything you had planned. Torrential rain on a day you had planned an outdoor shoot. Or just the plain ol’ over-analysis of minor situations that you know will do you no good but you just can’t stop.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been having a lot of those days lately and so when yesterday, despite all my efforts to retain a positive outlook, I realised I was fighting a lost battle by being so desperate to win, I took a step back and chose to immerse myself in mindless tasks instead.

It was in this sad-but-super-determined-to-stay-positive mood that I came to an epiphany. I realised that while I was so invested in winning at this game of life, I had neglected to follow one of the ‘cardinal rules’:

It is the characteristic of wisdom never to do desperate things.

Attributed to Henry David Thoreau.

True to Thoreau’s words, I had been quietly living a life of desperation, so busy trying to make things work out ‘as planned’ and forgetting that:

“It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?”

Another quote attributed to Thoreau.

Sometimes the plan will only get you disillusioned because truth is, there is one’s plan and the then there’s life. The two seldom work harmoniously but it’s rarely ever a bad thing. It’s hard to see that when you’re desperately labouring to stick to the plan, meet deadlines, accomplish tasks, break new barriers and feel fabulous while eating whole foods (LOL the last bit is very personal and I must tell you it’s either one or the other. never both).

The trick, I concluded is to always, put it all on hold for a while and reconcile the realities of life with the ‘masterplan’. Tweak a few things here and there, push back a few deadlines where possible and most importantly, stop to count your blessings. #BecauseGratitudeCannotBeOveremphasised!!!

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Hopefully, like me, what you’ll end up with is renewed motivation and some new perspective on how to conquer the world. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section.



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