Covetous : Of Nim’s Fashion Story.

I don’t remember the first time I heard the word ‘covet’ but somehow it’s a word that piques my interest every time I hear it. Thankfully, I’m not alone on this one. I remember sharing a laugh once with my friend Tope, about how her mom uses it in everyday parlance. I guess that’s the humour. It sounds too archaic for millennial conversations.

In this situation however, its usage seemed so appropriate. Made-to-fit even. Nim’s story  somehow reforms the word in my mind from archaic to vintage. However, ‘covet’ is not all the action there is to this story. So buckle in.


By fusing several creative media, Covetous- The Lady and The Thief narrates the tale of a thief who patiently stalks a stylish lady until his covetousness leads him to attempt a forceful takeover of the lady’s ‘possession’.

Nim uses models, clothes, jewellery, props, proper lighting, stimulating photos, a little bit of acting and to be honest, sheer creativity, to relate to us, her interpretation of the relationship between us (humans) and the inevitable, death. According to her:

…for me, the lady represents the world and the thief, death … A fact of life we sometimes ignore/pay little attention to but slowly creeps up on us.

Let’s meet the characters, shall we?

*Enters The Lady* She’s blissfully unaware of her life being stalked.




Nim styles her protagonist in a linen pair that features wide-legged pants and an overcoat. Its belt cinches the waist and the overcoat is carefully positioned to reveal a striped shirt and jewellery accents on the collar. The striped scarf that constitutes her blissful unawareness is a testament to Nim’s styling skills. It not only conveys the message, it also gives the look some mid-eastern flavour in my opinion.

*Enters The ThiefScene+2 (1)

I could go on about The Thief’s get up but let’s just say, I would steal the thief’s clothes given the chance LOL. What’s remarkable here for me is the face. Not only does it make a point about defiance of fashion boundaries through modest fashion and the Niqab in particular, it is something about the eyes! It’s piercing in a way that announces the presence of someone who is paying attention. It does this without taking any glory away from the complete look. Oh B.T.W: peep Nim’s personal style in this look.

Finally, The Thing Being Coveted. 

Because let’s face it, this shirt dress is the truth. The truth is knowledge, action, awareness …all that stands between the corrupt leader and the blinded citizen

 This is the crisp white shirt dress that hangs unmodelled through the story. I suppose this was intentional since Nim’s interpretation of the thing being coveted is the human life.

The look features  a patterned silk scarf whose gold and navy accents match the neck piece looped across the collar (as well as through the story)


The kind of thing one ordinarily might not think of, but cotton and silk paired together must make for a pretty comfortable outfit #MustTryThis!

As must be obvious by now, I’m totally digging everything about this fashion story and as the title of this post suggests, I might be attempting one soon.

From their concept to the setting and the styling of the models/subjects/characters, everything in and about these pictures lend themselves to a thematic duo of fashion photography and story telling.

The extent of the sheer creativity behind this project is such that it can even be interpreted based of the viewers’personal understanding without taking away from what’s already been done. For  instance, I think that this could very well spin a tale of a tussle between corrupt leaders and uninformed citizens. Pardon the Nigerian that I am and hear me out please!

*You should click on each photo to read my spin on things*

See?! I know! If you live in my country, you cannot argue with my interpretation! LOL.

Whatever your interpretation of Nim’s story though, I’d advice you start to follow her work if you haven’t already. There’s no denying her genius. Her focus, modest fashion, is definitely something to watch out for as it continuously proves that there’s more creative room than stereotypes will have us believe within the global fashion industry!

Clothes: Ruh Collective (@ruhcollective on Instagram)

Jewellery: Just Sparkle Uk (@just_sparkle_uk on Instagram)

Photography, Styling and Creative direction : Nimah of BrimahandJohn (@brimahandjohn on Instagram).

What’s your take on this and would you shop any of these items? Let’s talk in commentary!





4 thoughts on “Covetous : Of Nim’s Fashion Story.

  1. I follow ruh collection on instagram and I must say I love their unique outlook on modest fashion wallahi. Like I wish there was a way I could get some of their clothes lool.
    Great write up


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