THE ROQEEBAH O: a visual take on Eric and Anna’s aesthetic

Circa 2016. Met the duo behind the beautiful, new RTW brand, Eric and Anna through Ezinne of Zinkata while I was working with her. Let's just say it was love at first sight and everything else is history. Or not. Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot we worked on in October. To see more… Continue reading THE ROQEEBAH O: a visual take on Eric and Anna’s aesthetic



Sometimes life throws you lemons and it won't even be gracious enough to hand you water nor sugar. So what do you do when you can't even make lemonades? Pause! Reconcile with the Realities! And count your blessings! I hope this works for you as much as it has for me. ☕❣

Photos lately …

Been going through my pictures looking for some inspiration for my next Giveaway  and it's just occurred to me how underpopulated with photographs this website is. See now, I think that's just senseless since photography is currently one of my main income streams. As always though, nothing is ever too late. Since there's a pending #photoslately project… Continue reading Photos lately …

What’s the point in holding back?

Every time you feel the need to cover yourself up from this big bad world that we live in, muster all the Olamide you've got in you and in one swift breath, ask yourself: "Who you Epp?" Absolutely NO ONE! Let's be frank, holding on to your craft, however rusty, however unconventional, or however whatever it… Continue reading What’s the point in holding back?